Dental Elite

Dental Elite at Dentistry 2018 and 2019.

No demonstrations or product needed on this stand for Dental Elite at the Dentistry Show. Promotional material is strategically placed. The aisles need to be addressed with key messages. Light box graphics are an excellent way to achieve that. LED lighting has revolutionised exhibition stand design and made the manufacture of back lit graphics far simpler. They really do enhance your message as can be seen here. In addition back lit logos also create a touch of class. As a result a small simple stand can convey a powerful message which is what ABC Exhibitions set out to achieve here.

The large bar mean was created for hospitality and a lot of “hospitality” was on offer to attract prospects. Getting to know people is an important part of exhibiting. In view of that Dental Elite worked hard to attract the right people.

Purpose designed exhibition stands can be adapted to different spaces and this stand is a good example of that.  Because the first space was an island it needed a design to suit that space. A large fascia was used to carry the company logo and make sure that it was visible. The space needed for 2019 Dentistry show was smaller and did not need the fascia. However the existing components were available and could be adapted. Placed strategically in front of a new back wall they proved very effective on the smaller space.

The second installation at the BDIA exhibition will be a different space again but re-use will still be possible. This just proves that you do not have to use an off the shelf kit to create an exhibition stand design that can be modular. You can have the benefit of a purpose built stand and still use for many installations.

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