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When your event finishes and you want to return to your office as soon as possible, what happens to your glittering new exhibition stand?

With ABC, it’s never been easier to make the most of your exhibition investment. While you’re heading home, our team can dismantle, pack and store your stand – keeping it ready for use wherever and whenever your next event takes place. We can bring your product back with us, too, storing it in our facility. One of our clients even asks us to store and manage their product, and we take it directly to the show for them.

Putting your stand into our 12,000ftstore gives you a range of benefits:

  • Better value for money, with costs substantially reduced if a stand is used more than once.
  • Reduced time pressures, with no need to choose new designs or builders next time around – instead, simply make any minor adjustments and improvements to a stand you already know works well.
  • Environmental benefits, with the re-use of materials and lower energy usage significantly impacting your company’s carbon footprint and helping you reach the goals of your environment policy.

If your stand has been built using a modular construction, it is designed to be used many times over. Once it’s in storage, our designers can help you adjust your stand to fit the space of your next exhibition. We’ll also make sure it has a fresh look for every outing, keeping your stand eye-catching even for repeat visitors.

We’ll discuss all your re-use options with you during the design and quoting stage of the process. To help with your budget planning, we can even quote for subsequent installations – giving you clarity and control for all your upcoming exhibitions.

“Thanks to all the team at ABC for what was a truly great show, and many thanks for staying so late on the Saturday to help us with the finishing touches. The stand looked fantastic. It was praised by many dealers and competitors, and I really believe the design and execution reinforced our status as THE brand. Looking forward to the next one already!”

Daniel Hatfield – Luxaflex

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