Good ideas, even better execution: the power behind every ABC exhibition stand design


How do you build an exhibition stand that catches the eye, gets people talking and helps you to hit all your commercial objectives? At ABC, excellence in design underpins every project we complete.

Our team of creatives are experts in suggesting engaging ways to achieve your goals. The constraints of a set space are met with a determination to turn ideas into reality, whatever your stand’s location in the hall and however many preconceptions we have to challenge along the way.

But before we do anything, we take time to understand your philosophy. Wherever possible, we prefer not to design a stand based solely on a written brief. Only by getting to know you and becoming part of your team can we deliver the design excellence your stand deserves, which is why we take the time to meet with you ahead of every project.

Once we understand your objectives, our design team will get to work. A 3D rendering, as well as elevation and layout plans, will give you the best possible view of your future stand. You’ll be able to see exactly how it will work, receiving clear, detailed visuals from us at all times –never just concept artwork.

Our philosophy is guided by the principle that good design does more than just attract attention from passers-by. It also helps you achieve your goals through functionality and form that are aligned to your brand values. Clear messaging, strong graphics and prominent audio-visual elements area key part of this.

If you already have an established relationship with a creative agency, our team are also happy to work with them. The choice is yours. At ABC, our only focus is on delivering your ultimate exhibition success.

“Building the Paris stand in two and a half days was some achievement. We appreciate the overnight working and the attention to detail was so good, especially considering the pressure you were under.”

Barney Newman – Takara Belmont

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