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A One Day Build in Paris for Leo Pharma

Building a stand in just one day requires a lot of planning and requires a carefully thought through design with production methods to match. Because time is short it is necessary build the stand with the short on site build time firmly in mind.  Parker Design asked us to build this design at a pharmaceutical event in the centre of Paris. The materials were of very high quality with real wood laminates gave the stand the brand image required. In addition to quality stand build with some interesting audio visual effects a perfect cup of coffee was offered to visitors. A fully plumbed in machine with coffee made by a qualified barista kept everybody happy.

Managing the transport and delivery of an exhibition stand is vital to ensure that the build is completed on time. If you start late there is always a risk of finishing late. At the very least the finish will appear rushed. Our experienced driver ensured that we were right on time and in the queue early having arrived the night before.

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