2019 - The Busiest Year in ABC History.

June 25, 2019

ABC's busiest year yet.We have now reached the end of June, and our work schedule has never been so full. But that’s just how we like it. Since the start of the year, we have designed and built over 50 exhibition stands all over Europe for more than 30 shows. We are lucky enough to work with so many valuable clients from various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, tableware, vehicle parts and more. There’s no area we won’t work with. And no problem we can’t solve.

Up to now, we’ve helped clients to exhibit in Hamburg, Paris, Olympia London, Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin and plenty others. Having our own vehicle fleet makes this all the more doable. And our hard-working team both in the public eye on site, and behind the scenes in the office & at the workshop allows us to deliver an ever-increasing quality of work.

We won’t stop there, though. The second half of the year is scheduled to be just as active for us. Keep an eye on our News and Thoughts page to see where we’re heading to next!

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