How to Choose an Exhibition Stand Design Company

November 15, 2019

Getting the right design means being willing to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that you do. If you talk to an exhibition stand design company they will tell you that many clients spend very little time putting a brief together. Even less time is spent meeting with the design company and discussing exactly what they want to achieve.

Key steps in choosing an exhibition stand contractor are:

Take the simple step and Google – Exhibition Stand Designs or Exhibition Stand Builders are the search terms you need. You will find a variety of sites.  Additionally if you Google Bespoke Exhibition Stands and look at Images you can see a range of designs and get ideas for what might work for you. Track the company down and perhaps include them in your list.

Avoid selecting too many companies. More than four designs will confuse you and you may find that the design company will ask how many are pitching. Many will not want to pitch if they know that more than four have been asked to send in a design. Less than a 25% chance of winning is not always good for a design company who will be investing in the region of £1000 of time to produce a design.

Be wary of companies that want to send you a form to fill out. Forms give facts but they don’t help reveal who you and your company are. The don’t explain how you want to be perceived by visitors and the market. Its hard to convey your aims and objectives on a form.

Agree to meet with the design company if they ask – and they should.  Face to face discussions always produce more information than you will think to write in a brief no matter how much you include. The final design will not be as close to what you have in mind if you don’t meet with the design company.

Always provide a budget. No design work in any field of activity can be started without knowing what the budget is. For example you appointed an architect to build you a house their first question would be “How much do you want to spend.” It the same for exhibition stand design. Will they designer spend the budget? Almost certainly but that’s why you have a budget.

Be realistic. Exhibiting is expensive. Organizers have to charge a lot for space. Stand building involves a lot of labour and materials and costs are high.

Putting the time in at the beginning of the process can really helps. You will get the stand design that you want and hopeful an exhibition stand builder that you will develop a relationship with and will become part of your marketing team – maybe for years to come.

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